Errors with full-text searching - RESOLVED

Starting at 7:35 AM EDT (GMT-0400) on March 23rd 2023, an issue with full-text search functionality within the Channeltivity application resulted in an error when searching for records. We were able to isolate the issue to an Azure Elastic Pool configuration and are working closely with Microsoft on a resolution. We've started mitigating some customers by moving databases out of the Elastic Pool as a temporary fix. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Update 6:22 PM EDT: Microsoft is still troubleshooting the Elastic Pool issue. We will post further updates once we hear back from them.

Update 8:50 PM EDT: We've validated a fix and are applying it to all customer databases. We will post another update once the rollout is complete.

Update 11:09 PM EDT: All customer databases have been moved to a different Elastic Pool and full-text search is back to normal. We're waiting for a root cause analysis by Microsoft.

Update March 10, 2023: The root cause analysis provided by Microsoft indicates that a sudden spike in workload caused the FdHost process used by full-text search to run out of memory. This resulted in frequent failover of the FdHost process, which prevented the SQL Server process from connecting. 

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