The system prompts new Users to specify their Email Preferences upon activating their User account. 

Account Activation - Email Preferences Screen

Once activated, Users can update their Email Preferences at any time by going to their Profile in the top right corner of the portal and selecting Email Settings > Actions > Update Email Settings. 

User Profile Menu

Email Settings Page

The Email Settings page contains the below configuration options:

  • Subscribe to Recieve Emails - Select the checkbox to receive emails from the system. Uncheck the checkbox to unsubscribe from all system emails. 
    • Email Subscriptions: Specify the types of emails you'd like to receive from the system
      • Portal Notifications -  Notifications about created and updated records such as Deals, Leads, and MDF Requests.  
      • Portal Reminders - Periodic email messages about updated content and records that require action, etc. 
      • Marketing Emails - Mailings sent from the Email Marketing module.
      • Channeltivity Customer Newsletter (System Admins) - Receive Channeltivity's Customer Newsletter, which includes channel and software best practices, tips, and valuable resources.

      • Channeltivity Product Announcements (System Admins)- Receive Channeltivity's Product Announcements, which include upgrade and product change notifications.

You can also specify the preferred Format for email notifications:

  • DigestBundles activity notifications of Deals, Leads, and MDF Requests into a single email that is sent approximately one hour after the first notification event.
  • Immediate: Sends individual notifications for each event.

Users who have opted-in to receive Portal Reminders can set the frequency for those Reminders as well as disable Reminders they no longer want to receive.