Channeltivity is a partner relationship management system that is designed to allow companies and their channel partners to do business in one central location. Using this Implementation Guide, you’ll see that Channeltivity is easy to use and fast to set up. The guide is divided into 17 categories that contain step-by-step instructions to help you configure each module to meet your partner program needs. You can monitor and track your progress throughout the process using the Implementation Guide Checklist in the Channeltivity Welcome Kit.

Before you get started, we recommend reviewing the below items to ensure you have all the data, materials, and information needed to begin the implementation process. 

Step 1: Portal Customizations - Customize your portal’s layout and setup.

Step 2: Groups, Users & Organizations - Define your Groups and create Users and Organizations.

Step 3: Library Module - Add content and set Group permissions for your content to control access.

Step 4: Partner and Organization Field Settings - Create and manage the fields in Partner and Organization profiles.

Step 5: Partner Module - Manage your Partner recruitment process.  

Step 6: Deal Registration Module - Deal Registration allows your Partners to inform you of sales opportunities in their pipeline

Step 7: Notifications and Email Settings - Configure your portal’s Email settings and enable admin notifications.

Step 8: Home Page Configuration and Widgets - Add content to your portal home page using widgets.

Step 9: Lead Distribution Module - Lead Distribution enables the passing of Leads to Partners through Channeltivity.


Step 10: MDF Module - The MDF module gives your Partners an automated way to request and manage their market development funds.

Step 11: Business Planning Module - The Business Planning module enables the process of building and reviewing detailed business plans with your Partners.


Step 12: Training & Certification Module - The Channeltivity Training & Certification module gives you the ability to easily create and deliver media-rich training to your partners for your secure portal.

Step 13: Co-Branded Collateral Module - The Co-Branded Collateral Module allows Partners to easily generate and download customized co-branded marketing materials with their logo, contact information, and more.

Step 14: Forum - The Forum module enables Partners to communicate with each other and with your internal Partner managers through threads and posts within the portal.

Step 15: Distributor Module - The Distributor module gives Partners the ability to choose a Distributor when registering Deals, and it gives Distributors the ability to track the progress of those Deals.

Step 16: Referral Module - The Referral module gives your Partners the ability to submit prospective Leads/Referrals and track the status of the Referrals (and commissions) throughout the sales cycle. 

Step 17: News and Email Marketing Modules - The functionality of the News & Email Marketing modules allows you to 1) create rich news content within Channeltivity, customizing the audience based on permissions and subscribed topics and 2) send personalized email messages to Partners that include content relevant to their interests. Powerful analytics give insights into partner behavior and campaign performance.