Determine the Users that will receive emails about various Lead events in the Lead Email Notifications settings. To adjust these settings go to Settings > Lead Distribution > Lead Email Notifications. Select the Lead event (on the right) that you want each recipient (listed on the left) to be notified about. 

  • Partner Assignee- Partner User the Lead is assigned to
  • Primary Partner Manager - Primary Partner Manager (Internal User) of the Partner Organization 
  • All Partner Managers- All Managers (Internal Users) assigned to the Partner Organization including the Primary 
  • 1 Specified Recipient - This functionality will notify any of the email addresses in the Additional Specified Recipients field
  • Web-To-Lead Internal Recipients - Whenever someone submits the Web-to-Lead form, an email notification will be sent to the email addresses in the Web-To-Lead Internal Recipients field.

 Lead Email Notifications Screen 

You can also update the email subject lines for the Internal and Partner email notifications.  

Lead Subject Lines - Internal and Partner 

Configure Automatic Lead Email Reminders (optional):

Notify Partners and Partner Managers about Leads that have not been opened or updated using Automatic Email Reminders. To enable the Reminders for Lead Distribution, Go to Settings > Email > Automatic Email Reminders. 

Automatic Email Reminders