Pages that include a list of items such as Deals, Leads, and MDF Requests are called "lister" pages in Channeltivity. Most of the listers in Channeltivity can be customized by adding, removing, and rearranging columns to create custom Reports/Views. Frequently used reports can be saved as well as exported to Excel so that you can easily access them in the future. You can also convert the data to tables, charts, and graphs for visual reporting.  This article explains how to do all of these things and more. 

 Deals Lister Page

How do I customize a lister?

All of the lister configuration options are accessible through the controls in the top right corner:

Lister Page Navigation 

The Table View allows you to view the items on the page in a list format. 

Table View - Deals

The map marker icon allows you to switch from the Table View to the Map View to see a visual representation of all of your records on a geographical map. Not all record types support the Map View.

Map View - Deals

The Analysis View (bar chart icon) also provides a visual representation of your data by converting columns to bar charts and graphs. A more in-depth look at Analysis View can be found here.

Analytics View - Deals 

The gear icon allows you to configure the lister's columns as well as manage saved Views/Reports.


The downward-facing arrow in the top right corner of the lister page is used to export data to Excel and preview a printable version of the report. 

How do I add and remove columns?

To add, remove, and move columns from the Table View in Channeltivity, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the lister page and select "Manage Columns." 

The Manage Column window will appear with all of the fields/columns listed in the current view.  

  • Adding a column - scroll down the page and click the "Add Column" button to add a column/field to your view
  • Moving a column - click on the column that you want to move and drag it to a new location
  • Removing a column - click the "X" next to the column that you want to remove

When you are finished customizing your view/report, click the "Apply" button to apply your changes.

Manage Columns Window 

How do I use Analysis View to create Bar Charts and Timeline Reports?

Click the bar graph icon to switch to Analysis View, which allows you to gain insights by analyzing various data in your PRM and partner portal.  A more in-depth look at Analysis View can be found here.

How do I Save a Custom View in Channeltivity?

You can save a view by clicking the gear icon > "Save As." The Save View window will appear with the below options:

  • New View - save a new view with the current fields/columns
  • Overwrite Existing View - overwrite a previously saved view with the changes from the current view

Save View Window 

How Do I Access Views/Reports That I've Saved?

Once you save a view/report, it will appear in the "Saved Views" section of the lister configuration menu. 

To delete an existing view, click "Manage Views" > click the "X" next to the view you want to delete.

Manage Views Window


How Do I Share Custom Views/Reports?

When you create a custom view/report in Channeltivity, you can share it with others by copying the URL from your browser. Learn more about this topic here

Can I Export a lister to Excel?

Yes, click the downward-facing arrow in the top right > Export to Excel.