Configure Channeltivity PRM's integration with HubSpot in minutes and without the need for IT using our point-and-click wizard interface. To begin integrating Channeltivity with your HubSpot CRM, follow the two easy steps listed in this guide. For assistance or questions about setting up the integration, please submit a ticket or contact us at

Step 1: Authorization/ Credentials Setup 

Channeltivity's Integration with HubSpot requires a HubSpot Admin to authorize Channeltivity access to HubSpot by going to Settings (in Channeltivity) > HubSpot Integration > Overview & Authorization > Authorize.

Step 2: Configuring the Integrations

Channeltivity has four plug-and-play integrations with HubSpot's CRM:

  • Deal Registration: When a Partner submits a Deal Registration, Channeltivity creates a copy of the registered Deal in HubSpot. This can be configured to happen automatically or on a manual basis. You can also import HubSpot Deals into Channeltivity as Deal Registrations using the Deal Import Integration
  • Lead Distribution: Channeltivity's Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot allows you to easily create Leads in Channeltivity by importing Contacts and Deals from HubSpot. Leads created this way can be distributed to your Partners and are kept in sync with the originating HubSpot record so you can see the Lead's Channeltivity status within HubSpot.
  • Referral Integration: The Referral module integration with HubSpot allows you to push Referrals to HubSpot as Deals and changes made to the Referral in Channeltivity are reflected in HubSpot and vice versa.
  • Partner Sync: Channeltivity's HubSpot Partner Sync integration allows the two-way synchronization of Partner records and Contacts between Channeltivity and HubSpot. With Partner Sync activated, creating a new Partner Organization (or User) in Channeltivity will create a new linked Partner Company (or Contact) record in HubSpot and vice versa, and keep those records synchronized. This way, changes made on one side are reflected on the other.