Lead Distribution allows you to send sales prospects to your Partners. Internal Users enter Leads by uploading them from a spreadsheet, entering them into Salesforce, capturing them on your website with our web-to-lead form, or by manually filling out the Lead entry form in your Channeltivity portal.

Lead Entry Form 

Once the Lead is in Channeltivity and assigned to a Partner, the Partner is notified via email (and in the portal system messages) that a new Lead has been assigned to them. The Partner will need to login to the portal and open the Lead to view the Lead's details. Why are the Lead details hidden from the Partner until they open the Lead?

Leads Lister Page

Once the Partner opens the Lead, they can view/update the Lead's details, and convert it to a Deal. They can also reassign the Lead to another User within their Organization or close the Lead if there is no potential business opportunity.
Lead Details Page