Channeltivity's Lead Distribution module allows you to send sales prospects to your Partners. Partners can then convert the Leads to Deal Registrations. 

Leads can be distributed to Partners using the following methods:

Lead Entry Form 


Once the Lead is in Channeltivity and assigned to a User, the User is notified via email (and in the portal system messages) that a new Lead has been assigned to them. The User will need to log into the portal and open the Lead to view the Lead's details. Why are the Lead details hidden from the Partner until they open the Lead?

Leads Lister Page 

Once the User opens the Lead, they can view/update the Lead's details, convert it to a Deal, reassign it to another User at their Organization, or close the Lead if there is no potential business opportunity.
Lead Details Page

If they choose to convert the Lead to a Deal, the system will prompt them to complete the Deal Registration form, which includes the following: 

  • Prospect Details - End-user customer account and contact information 
  • Deal Details - The standard fields include Deal name, Amount, Stage, and Close Date, but you can add additional custom fields for Partners to complete. 

Convert to Deal Screen

If there is no potential business opportunity, they can close the Lead and select a Lost Reason.

Close Lead (no Deal) Lost Reasons Screen 


Can Leads be assigned to Distributor Users? 

Yes, with the Distributor functionality enabled, you can assign Leads to Distributor Users. However, the Users must be assigned to a Distributor Group that includes one of the below Lead Distribution permissions in order to receive Leads. 

  • View All Leads - Allows Users to view and manage all Leads within their Organization. 
  • Receive Leads- Allows Users to only view and manage Leads assigned to them directly. 

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