Business planning with partners is one of the most effective ways to drive revenue and create joint accountability. The module is flexible and configurable to align with your unique program needs. Use the Business Planning module to build measurable objectives, execution strategies and tactics, go-to-market plans, target account lists, SWOT analyses and more. 

 Approval Workflow and Fiscal Year Configuration:

  1. Go to Settings > Business Plans > Business Plans Module Settings 
  2. Enabling the Partner approval workflow gives you the ability to lock a Business Plan for Partner approval. Learn more about this functionality here: What is the Business Planning Module and how does it work? 
  3. Select Fiscal Year Start Month
  4. Choose the part of the month the fiscal year is based on by selecting: Starting Month or Ending Month
  5. Enter the number of future and past business plans you want Partners to have access to. For example: If you select 3, Partners will be able to see their Business Plans from the previous year, current and upcoming year. 

Approval Workflow and Fiscal Year 

Additional Page Descriptions: 

Add descriptions/ special instructions to the following pages: 

  • Business Plans Details Page: Text added to this field appears at the top of the Business Plan. 
  • New/Edit Business Plans Page: Text added to this field appears at the top of the Business Plans Template/Form.

Business Plans Labels:

In the Business Plans Module Settings, you can also customize the name of the Business Plans module by changing the terms used to describe Business Planning.  

Business Plans Labels 

Business Plans Template Configuration:

Use the Template Editor to build your Business Plan template. Go to Settings > Business Plans > Template Editor. You can use the below links to add fields, sections, and tables to your template. You can also click on the items to drag them to different locations on the page. 

Business Plans Template 

Add a Section:

  1. Select Template Editor from the Business Plan menu.
  2. Click Add a Section.
  3. Name the Section.
  4. Select the column layout.
  5. Click OK.

New Custom Section Window

Add a Field:

  1. Click on Add a field.
  2. Name the field.
  3. Select the Field Type.
  4. Add a Description
  5. Set Visibility.
  6. Click OK.

 New Custom Field Window

Add a Table:

  1. Click Add Table.
  2. Name the Table.
  3. Add a Description.
  4. Set Field Visibility.
  5. Add the Table Fields.
  6. Repeat until all Fields are added.
  7. Set Sort Order.
  8. Click OK.

New Table Window

Add the sections, custom fields and tables needed to complete your Business Planning process. Make sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen when finished.

Business Plan Examples: