The Region Settings within Channeltivity enable you to categorize Organizations by location. The location is based on the country listed for the Organization's record. Regions also drive Partner Agreements, Deal access/visibility, and Deal email notifications for Internal Users. Learn more about these topics in the support articles below:

Regions are already set up within Channeltivity, but you can configure the Regions to meet your specific program needs by going to  Settings > Portal Configuration > Region Settings.  

  • Add a new Region: Click the "New Region" button and enter a title, then follow the steps in this article to add countries/states to the Region. 
  • Update the territories of an existing Region: Click the "Manage Country/State Assignments" button and follow the steps in this article
  • Rename a Region: Click the "Actions" button next to the Region you want to rename and select "Edit." 
  • Delete a Region: Click the "Actions" button next to the Region you want to remove and select "Delete." 
  • Assign Internal Users to Regions as Managers (applies to Deal Registration only): Click the "Actions" button next to the Region you want to assign a Manager to > Manage Region Team > Add Team Member.  

 Region Settings Screen

Manually Overriding Region Assignments: 

You can configure your Region Settings to allow manually overriding automatic Region assignments by selecting the below checkbox in the Region Settings: 

Once enabled, you can manually assign Partner Organizations to Regions using the "Manually Override Automatic Region Assignment" field that is added to Partner records upon enabling this functionality.

Assigning Deal Registration Region Team Managers:

If you want to give Internal Users Region-specific Deal Registration permissions and/or notify them only of Deals within their Region, click the "Actions" button next to the Region you wish to Managers to Manage Region Team. 

You can then click the "Add Team Member" button to assign Internal Users to Regions as Managers. Internal Users can be assigned to mutliple Regions and Regions can have multiple assigned Managers.  

Manage Region Team Screen 

You can remove Managers from Regions by clicking the "Remove" button next to the Manager you wish to remove.

Once you've defined the Region Teams, you can set up Deal access and/or email notifications for Region Managers: