The Navigation & Custom Pages section allows you to manage the order, names, and assigned icons of items listed in the left navigation menu. It also includes the option to add additional items to the left navigation, such as custom pages, iFrame pages, and links. You can access the Navigation & Custom Pages settings area by going to Settings > Portal Customization > Navigation & Custom Pages. 

Editing Menu Items: 

Use the "Edit" buttons to modify the names and assigned icons of navigation items such as Modules, Libraries, and Forums. 

Custom navigation items such as custom pages, iFrames, and links will include "Actions" buttons with the following configuration options: 

  • Edit - allows you to modify the name, assigned icon, Publish Status, and page settings.

  • Set as Draft/Published - allows you to update the Publish Status of items to "Draft" or "Published." Items in Draft mode are only accessible through the Navigation & Custom Pages settings area until published.

  • Manage Subnavigation Items - allows the addition of extra custom navigation items as subpages to top-level custom pages and iFrame pages.

  • Delete - allows the deletion of custom navigation items.

Click the "Reoder" button to reorder items in the left navigation menu. 

Adding Menu Items:

You can add up to three top-level custom navigation items to the left navigation menu.  These items include:

  • Custom Page - Custom pages allow you to create tailored content with Widgets, empowering you to showcase specific information or features relevant to your Partners. You can create up to two levels of pages in your site navigation, including top-level pages and one level of subpages.

  • Link - A linkable page that appears in the left navigation that provides direct access to essential tools and resources, including external applications without the need to navigate through multiple pages or interfaces.

  • iFrame Page - iFrame pages enable you to embed external applications or pages seamlessly into your portal, expanding its functionality and offering a more integrated user experience for your partners.  

Learn more about configuring custom navigation items here


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