The Articles Widget can be used to display a variety of items such as announcements, news, events, and more. It also allows for multiple multiple entries that can be segmented using the Groups functionality. This article explains how to configure and manage the Articles Widget. 

Follow the instructions listed below to configure the Articles Widget: 

  1. Logged in as an Administrator, go to your home page, and click the Actions button > Layout Editor. 

  2. You'll then select the "Articles" Widget from the sidebar on the right and drag it over to the desired location on the page (see Tutorial on Custom Pages).

  3. The configuration window will open for you to enter the Widget's Title, Description, and specify the following: 
    • Article Sort Order: The order in which the articles will appear in Widget. 
    • Show Article Date: The date each entry was created.
    • Enable Archiving: Allows you to preserve/hide old article entries.

      Click "Save" to save your changes.

  4. You'll then hover over the Widget and click the gear icon > Manage Content. 

  5. Click the "New Article" button to add an entry. 

  6. Enter the Title of the entry, add your content, and specify the following: 
    • Link Headline To: Includes options for linking the title of the Article entry. 
    • Viewable From & Until: You can set content to go live on a specific date and expire. 
    • Groups: Assign the appropriate Groups to the entry. 
  7. Click "Save" to save your changes.

  8. You can then add another Article entry by clicking the "New Article" button or edit an existing entry by clicking the "Actions" link next to the entry you want to edit.

  9. When you are finished, you can go to the Home/Custom Page to view the Widget. 


How do I edit the Articles Widget? 

Click the Actions button in the top right corner of the page > Layout Editor. You'll then select one of the following: 

  • Edit: Allows you to update the items listed in Step 3 of this article. 
  • Manage Content: Allows you to update Article entries. See Step 8 of this article. 

How does the "Choose Existing" functionality work? 

You can create as many Articles Widgets as you'd like and have them appear on multiple pages. 

What is the Article Sort Order? 

The Article Sort Order is the order in which the Articles will appear in Widget.

  • Title Ascending: Alphabetically A to Z.
  • Show Date Ascending: Entry with the oldest date appears on top.
  • Show Date Descending: Entry with the most recent Date appears on top.
  • Add Date Ascending: Oldest entry appears on top.
  • Add Date Descending: Most recent entry appears on top.
  • Manual: You control the order of the entries by clicking the "Reorder" button on the Articles Details Page. 

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