The News & Email Marketing modules allow you to increase partner engagement through targeted content, delivered via email (and in your partner portal too). Two main benefits of serving Partners customized content via email are: 

  1. Creating awareness. Stay top-of-mind with your partners by regularly sending them tailored, relevant content.
  2. Partner engagement. Send partners compelling headlines linked to content in Channeltivity they haven’t seen yet. Doing so elevates portal usage as a whole by giving partners a reason to log in.

The functionality of the News & Email Marketing modules allows you to 1) create rich news content within Channeltivity, customizing the audience based on permissions and subscribed topics and 2) send personalized email messages to Partners that include content relevant to their interests. Powerful analytics give insights into partner behavior and campaign performance. 

Continue reading to get an overview of News & Email Marketing module concepts and functionality.

User Opt-ins & Topics:

Topics are used to tag and categorize your News Stories and can customized based on your needs. Users are prompted to select the Topics they're interested in and opt into Marketing Emails when they activate their User account or when the list of available Topics changes. The User’s Topic selections determine the content they receive via email and see in the portal.

News Items:


Users can view News Items associated with the Topics they are subscribed to and/or the Groups they are assigned to in the News module.

 News Items can also be added to the home page using the News Widget.


Once you have news content in your portal, you'll create a Mailing to send your Partner Users customized email messages. Users who have opted-in to receive Marketing Emails will receive personalized email messages with News Items in the Topics they are subscribed to. 


You can track opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more in the Events tab in the Email Marketing module. Doing so gives you insights into Partner behavior and campaign performance. You can access the Events tab by going to the Email Marketing module in the left navigation menu > Events. 

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