You can monitor and track your progress throughout the implementation process by using our Implementation Guide Checklist. You can access the printable version here.

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 Create Internal and Partner Groups

 Organization Setup 

☐ Determine Library Content Structure

 Add Library Folders

☐ Upload Content to Folders

☐ Set Content Group Permissions for Content

☐ Update Home Page Widgets

☐ Configure Partner Organization Fields / Become a Partner Form

☐ Configure User Fields

☐ Create Partner Types

☐ Set Prospective Partner Stages

☐ Update Email Notifications

☐ Configure Partner Regions

☐ Configure Partner Agreements

☐ Configure Deal Registration Process

☐ Configure Lead Distribution Process (if licensed)

☐ Configure MDF Process (if licensed)

☐ Configure Business Planning Process (if licensed)

☐ Configure Training and Certification (if licensed)

☐ Configure Co-Branded Collateral  (if licensed)

☐ Add Partner Users (Final Step)