Before setting up and configuring the Forum, you should first decide how it will be used.  If Partners are competitive vs collaborative, then you may want to hold off on using it until you have a plan in place. If you do decide to use the Forum, you'll want an Internal User to monitor the discussions between Partners. If your Partners are collaborative, you can use the Forum to encourage them to share their knowledge and expertise with other Partners.  They can also provide you with feedback to help you improve your products and services. 

Configuring the Forum:

  1. Go to Settings > Portal Customization > Menu & Page Manager 
  2. Click the actions button next to Forum > Edit 
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Choose an icon (for the left navigation menu).
  5. Update the name.
  6. Add a Welcome Message.
  7. Configure the Workflow Settings to meet the needs of your program.
  8. Click Save.

 Menu & Page Manager Screen


Creating a Discussion Category: 

  1. Click Forum from the left portal navigation menu.
  2. Click New Category.
  3. Give your Discussion Category a Title and Description.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat until all Categories have been created.

New Category Window

Creating a Thread:

With your Categories created you can start engaging with your Partners by adding threads. To create a Thread:

  1. Click on the Category you want to start the Thread in.
  2. Click New Thread.
  3. Title your Thread.
  4. Click Save.

New Thread Window 

When a User adds a post to the Forum, they are automatically subscribed to the Thread and will receive email notifications about any activity in the Thread. If a User has not posted to the Thread, they can choose to manually subscribe to the Thread by clicking the Actions button in the top right corner of the Thread > Subscribe.