The Distributor module gives your distributors or master agents visibility into your Partners' Deal Registrations. The module provides another layer of access for programs with Partners (solutions providers, systems integrators, and resellers) that purchase products through the distribution channel instead of directly from the manufacture or vendor. It gives those Partners the ability to choose a Distributor when registering Deals, and it gives Distributors the ability to track the progress of those Deals. If you choose, Distributors can also register Deals on behalf of Partners and edit them.

This article explains the Deal Registration process with the Distributor module enabled. For an overview of how the Deal Registration module works without the Distributor module, check out: What is the Deal Registration Module and how does it work?

Submitting a Deal:

Partners submit Deals by completing your Deal Registration form and with the Distributor module enabled, Partners can choose a Distributor for each Deal.  The module can be configured to allow Partners to select any Distributor when registering Deals or only the Distributors assigned to their Organization. Once the Deal is submitted, the Key Contact(s) at the Distributor Organization are notified via email (this can be configured on the Deal Email Notifications settings page).

Deal Registration Form - Partner View


You can also give your Distributors the ability to submit Deals for all Partners or just the Partners they are assigned to. When registering Deals for a Partner, the Distributor selects a Partner User from the Deal Owner picklist and once the Deal is submitted, the Partner User is notified via email. 

Deal Registration Form - Distributor View

The Distributor and Partner can then collaborate to update the Deal throughout the sales cycle, and they can use the Deal Stage field to track the Deal's progress. 

Deal Registration - Stage Field


Approving/Denying Deals (Internal Users): 

Internal Users are responsible for approving/denying submitted Deals. They can manage the approval process by updating the Deal's Registration Status

Deal Details Page - Action Menu

Deal Registration Status & Assignment Window

Also, Partner, Internal, and Distributor Users can collaborate on Deals by adding comments and uploading files to the History section of Deals. 

Deal History Section 


What permissions are available for the Distributor module? 

Distributors have the same access as Partners to the Library, Forum, MDF, and Training & Certification module, but they have a different level of access for Deal Registration. 

 Distributor Deal Registration permissions include the following:  

  • Register & View All Deals - Allows Distributors to register Deals for Partners as well as view, update and track the progress of all of the Deals assigned to their Distributor Organization. 
  • Read-Only Access: Read-only access to all Deals assigned to their Organization. This only allows the Distributor Users to view and track the progress of Deals assigned to their Organization.

Learn more about this topic here: Group Permissions Defined.  

Is it possible to convert a Partner Organization to a Distributor Organization?

Yes! Learn more about this topic in this article.

Can Distributors see each other's Deals? 

No. Distributors can only see the Deals assigned to their Distributor Organization.

How does the Distributor Assignment feature work and how do I assign Distributors to Partners?  

With the Distributor Assignment feature enabled, Partners with Distributors assigned to them will only be able to select those Distributors from the Distributor picklist when registering Deals.  Partners without assigned Distributors will not see the Distributor picklist when submitting Deals. Learn more about this topic here: How Does the Distributor Assignment Feature Work?.

Who at the Distributor Organization is notified about Deals? 

With the Distributor module enabled, the Deal Email Notifications page will include an extra recipient for Distributor Key Contact(s) (see Deal Email Notifications). Key Contacts at the Distributor Organization are notified about Deals assigned to their Organization. To flag Distributor Users as Key Contacts, go to their User profiles > Edit > check the "Key Contact" checkbox in each of their profiles > Save. Learn more about this topic here: What is the Difference Between a Primary Contact and a Key Contact?

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