This article gives step-by-step setup instructions of Channeltivity’s Deal Registration integration with HubSpot. An overview of Channeltivity’s Deal Registration Integration can be found in this article

1. A HubSpot Admin will need to enter their HubSpot Credentials into Channeltivity to authorize Channeltivity access to HubSpot by going to Settings > HubSpot Integration > Overview & Authorization

2. Once the systems are connected, go to Settings > HubSpot Integration > Deal Registration.  

3. Select whether you want Channeltivity to automatically create a Deal in HubSpot whenever a Deal is registered or whether you want the manual control over which Deals get pushed into HubSpot:

  • Automatic- Every new Deal created in Channeltivity is automatically pushed into HubSpot. 
  • Manual – Internal Users initiate the sync of a Deal Registration by clicking the HubSpot button on the Deal > Sync Now.

4. The Field Mappings section will appear and include a set of standard mappings for the Deal details, End User Account, and Contact information.

You can add additional field mappings by clicking the “Add Mapping” button and selecting a field from the Channeltivity dropdown menu. You’ll then click the HubSpot dropdown menu to select the corresponding field in HubSpot.

If the field does not yet exist in HubSpot, you can create it in HubSpot by clicking the “Create New Field” button.

5. When mapping fields to the Deal in HubSpot, keep in mind that the integration is a one-way sync with Channeltivity as the master system. This means that if you map a Channeltivity field in the Deal section to a HubSpot Deal field, the data from Channeltivity will always overwrite any changes made to the field in HubSpot, with the data that’s in Channeltivity. To prevent Channeltivity from overwriting existing data in HubSpot, you can set fields to “First Sync Only.” Setting a field to First Sync Only, prevents Channeltivity from updating the field after the initial sync.  Any changes made to the field in Channeltivity after the first sync, are not reflected on the Deal in HubSpot. 

By default, the integration sets the Deal's Company and Contact based on the email address of the Account's Contact in Channeltivity. If a Contact's email address does not exist in HubSpot, Channeltivity will create a new Contact in HubSpot with the Contact's information from Channeltivity. If the Contact doesn't have an email address or if the Contact's email domain is not already associated to a Company in HubSpot, a new Company will be created with the Account information from Channeltivity. Your Account and Contact field mappings determine the data that is pushed to HubSpot to create the Company and Contact. 

Once the Company and Contact are created in HubSpot, any changes made in Channeltivity to the Account and Contact are not reflected on the linked Company and Contact records in HubSpot.

6. Once all your mappings are complete, press the "Save" button at the very bottom of the page to finish the setup process. Depending on the details of your HubSpot configuration, the saving process can take up to 30 minutes. Besides saving your configuration, the saving process will also create two custom HubSpot fields on the Deal, Company and Contact properties that are used by Channeltivity:

  • Channeltivity Status (channeltivity_status, Single-line text)
  • Channeltivity URL ( channeltivity_url, Single-line text)

7. When the setup process is complete, you will be redirected to the HubSpot Integration Settings page.

8. You're all set! Go ahead and submit a Deal Registration to test out the integration between Channeltivity and HubSpot.