Determine the Users that will receive emails about various Deal events in the Deal Email Notifications settings. To adjust these settings go to Settings >Deal Registration > Deal Email Notifications. Select the Deal event (on the right) that you want each recipient (listed on the left) to be notified about.  

NoteUsers are not notified about their own actions/updates, so when a User registers or updates a Deal, they will not receive a confirmation email.

  • Deal Owner - Partner User the Deal is assigned to
  • Assigned to- Internal User the Deal is assigned to 
  • Primary Partner Manager - Primary Partner Manager (Internal User) assigned to the Partner Organization 
  • All Partner Managers - All Partner Managers (Internal Users) assigned to the Partner Organization including the Primary 
  • Region Team (Partner Region) - Based on the location of the Partner Organization, Internal Users will be notified about Deals registered by Partners located in the Region(s) they are assigned to as Manager. 
  • Region Team (End User Account Region) - Based on the location of the end-user/customer Account, Internal Users will be notified about Deals that have end-user Accounts located in the Region(s) they are assigned to as Manager.
  • Additional Specified Recipients - This functionality will notify any of the email addresses in the "Additional Specified Recipients" field about the events (related to all Deals) you select on the "Specified Recipients" line in the matrix. See the below screenshot for reference. 
  • All Partner Users - This functionality allows you to notify all Partner Users at a Partner Organization about Deals assigned to their Organization and Users. 

Deal Email Notifications Window 

Deal Email Notifications Window - Specified Recipient


Portals with the Distributor module enabled will include separate sections for "Deals owned by Partner" and "Deals owned by Distributor", that include the following additional recipients:

  • Assigned Distributor User - The Distributor User the Deal is assigned to, if any. 
  • Distributor Key Contact - Distributor Users marked as Key Contacts at the Deal's assigned Distributor Organization.
  • Assigned Partner User - The Partner User the Deal is assigned to, if any.

Deal Email Notifications Window (Distributor Module Enabled)

You can also customize the subject lines of the Internal, Partner, and Distributor Deal Email Notifications using Placeholders. Use the Placeholders to include additional information in the Deal's subject line such as Region, Product, or Amount. 

 Deal Email Subject Line Configuration 

Configure Automatic Deal Email Reminders (optional): 

Keep Partners and Internal Users engaged using Automatic Email Reminders to notify them about the following:

  • Expiring Deals
  • Expired Deals
  • Deals Not Updated
  • Deal Action Required

To configure and enable the Automatic Email Reminders, go to Settings > Email > Automatic Email Reminders > click the Actions button next to a Reminder to enable, disable, preview, and configure the Reminder. 

Automatic Email Reminders 

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