Deal Registration allows your Partners to inform you of sales opportunities in their pipeline. You and your team can then collaborate to approve Deals, monitor progress and track action items. Here is how the Deal Registration process works in Channeltivity:

The Partner logs into the portal and registers a Deal by completing the Deal Registration form in your Channeltivity portal. 

Deal Registration Form 

If the Deal Registration Salesforce Integration is enabled in your portal, the new Deal registration will create a corresponding Lead in your Salesforce. This can be configured to happen automatically or on a manual basis. 

Deal Details Page - Salesforce Actions Menu

The configuration of your portal's Deal Email Notifications will determine the Internal User that is notified after the Deal is submitted/created. An Internal User such as a Partner Manager or Region Manager can manage the approval process of the Deal by updating the Deal's Registration Status.  

Deal Details Page - Action Menu

 Deal Registration Status & Assignment Window

Internal Users can also update the Registration Status from Salesforce using Channeltivity's Managed Package.  

Channeltivity's Managed Package Salesforce iFrame 

Partner Users are responsible for updating the Stage field on the Deal. The Stage field is an indicator of the Deal's completion probability. Deal stages allow you to categorize and track the progress of Deals. Each Stage has a probability associated that indicates the likelihood of closing the Deal.

Deal Registration Form - Stage Field

Throughout the Deal Registration process, the Partner User the Deal is assigned to and the Internal Assignee and or Partner/Region Manager can collaborate and monitor the Deal's progress from within Channeltivity. The Deal History section can be used to track changes, add notes and upload attachments that are related to the Deal.  

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