Manage your portal's name, support contact, and phone number in the General Portal Settings by going to Settings > Portal Configuration > General Portal Settings. 

Portal Details 

You can also customize the messages/page descriptions that appear on the Help & Support page and Request Access form in the "Page Text" section of the General Portal Settings. Use the Placeholder functionality to pull in items from the Portal Details section, such as the support contact, phone number, and portal name. 

Note: The support email placeholder is the email address listed in your Email Settings

  • Help & Support Page - click the question mark icon in the top header > Contact Partner Portal Support to view the support page. Non-admin Users can use this functionality to send emails to your Portal Support Email address. 
  • Request Access Form - click the "Request Access" tab on the login screen to view the form. This Request Access form allows Users to request a portal User account. 

Page Text

Scroll down the page to determine if you want all Partner Users to be able to update their own Organization profiles or designate a User (Primary Contact) at each Organization to be responsible for updating the Organization profile in the "Partner Profile Settings". 

User & Organization Profile Settings

You can also enable/ disable the Request Access form and configure the "User Requests" functionality to allow Primary Contacts or all Users to request additional Users be added to the system using the "Request Additional Users" functionality. 

User Requests

Channeltivity gives you the ability to assign Leads, Deals, Referrals and MDF Requests to pending Users. You can enable this functionality in the "Other Settings" section on the General Portal Settings as well as give Users the ability to make changes to archived records.