Determine the Users that will be notified about new and updated Referrals by configuring your Referral Email Notifications (Settings > Referrals > Referral Email Notifications). You can also customize the subject lines of the Referral Emails to include additional data such as Product or Region.  

Configure Email Notifications:


To configure the Referral Email Notifications, select the Referral Events (on the right) that you want the Recipients (on the left) to be notified about. 

Referral Events:

  • Created - notifies the User about newly created Referrals 
  • Other Changes- notifies the User about any other changes made to the Referral, such as status changes. 

Notification Recipients: 

  • Partner User submitting Referral- Partner User that submitted the referral 
  • Primary Partner Manager- Internal User assigned to the Partner Organization of the Partner User that submitted the Referral 
  • All Partner Managers (incl. Primary)- All of the Partner Managers assigned to the Partner Organization of the User that submitted the Referral
  • Specified Recipient - This functionality will notify the email addresses listed in the "Additional Specified Recipients" field. 

To add additional data to the subject lines of the Internal and Partner Referral Email notifications, scroll down the page to the Email Notification Subjects section and click the "Add Placeholder" links.

Referral Email Notifications Configuration