Channeltivity PRM Salesforce Edition has several plug-and-play integrations with’s CRM. You can activate each integration individually or use them all for a seamless exchange of data between your partner portal/PRM and CRM. Increase the usability of Channeltivity Salesforce Edition and access Channeltivity functionality from within Salesforce by installing our free native Salesforce package

Lead Distribution 

Import Leads and Opportunities from Salesforce into Channeltivity for distribution to your Partners

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Deal Registration 

Automatically push a copy of Deals registered within Channeltivity into Salesforce as Leads. Pull Salesforce Opportunities into your PRM as Deal Registrations using the Deal Import Integration

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Referral Integration 

Automatically push Referrals submitted through Channeltivity into Salesforce

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Partner Sync 

Synchronize Partner and Contact records between your PRM and CRM systems.

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