Having a simple and easily understood navigation system as part of the overall design of the portal is key. The Icons Widget allows you to add Icons to your home and custom pages to provide Users with quick access to the tools and resources they need most.  

To configure the Icons Widget, follow the instructions listed below:
  1. Logged in as an Administrator, go to your home page and click the Actions button> Layout Editor, then type "Icons" into the search box of the "Add Widgets" sidebar on the right (see Tutorial on Custom Pages).
  2. Drag the Icons Widget onto the screen and place it in the desired location. 
  3. The Icons Widget configuration window will appear (see screenshot below). 
  4. Enter the title and description. If you don't want the title and description to be visible, uncheck the show title & description checkbox. 
  5. Three Icons are pre-loaded into the system: Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3. Click the Actions buttons next to the titles of the Icons to edit and/or remove the Icons. 
  6. Enter a title and/or description of the icon

  7. To upload an image, click the Choose Image button and select an icon or upload your own image by clicking the New Image button (see instructions below). 
  8. Once you've selected or uploaded your Icon, click the "Link" dropdown field and select the area in the portal you want the Icon to go to. You can also enter a URL by selecting "Custom Link" from the dropdown menu and entering the URL. 
  9. When you are finished click Done.
  10.  Assign the appropriate Group Permissions to the Widget. Keep in mind, Users will only see the Icons in the Widget that are linked to the areas in the portal that they have access to in their Group permissions. For example, if you add an Icon and link it to Training & Certification module, only Users that have access to the Training & Certification module in their Group permissions will see the Icon in the Widget.
  11. Scroll down the page to the Preview section to preview the Icons Widget before saving.
  12. Click Save to save your changes. 

What are the image requirements for Icons?

The image should be saved as GIF, PNG, JPG or JPEG and be at least 240px high and 192px wide.

How do I reorder the Icons?

Click the Reorder button to reorder the icons.