The Partner Managers Widget displays a contact list of all the Partner Managers assigned to Partner Organizations. Learn how to assign Internal Users to Partner Organizations as Managers using the instructions in this article: What is a Partner Manager?

How do I configure the Partner Managers Widget? 

On the home page, go to Actions > Layout Editor > select and drag the Partner Managers Widget to the desired location on the home page. Add a title and Description (optional)

If you only want to display the Primary Partner Managers in the Widget, select the "Display only the Primary Partner Manager" checkbox.

If you do not want Internal Users to see the Widget on the home page, select "Hide from Internal Users." If you do want them to see the Widget, select "Show to Internal Users, displaying all Partner Managers."

Partner Managers Widget - Edit 

How do I add/remove a User from the list? 

You can add Users to the Widget by assigning them to Partner Organizations as Managers using the instructions in this article. The User will then be added to the Widget automatically. 

To remove a User, you'll need to unassign them from all the Partner Organizations they are assigned to as Manager.

What Managers will a Partner User see? 

Partner Users will see the contact information of the Partner Managers that are assigned to their Organization. Contact information and profile pictures are pulled from the User's profile in Channeltivity.