Yes, we can configure your Channeltivity partner portal to use your own custom domain. By default, all Channeltivity instances are accessible via a subdomain, such as, but we also support custom host names for your partner portal. This allows partners to access your portal using your own domain or subdomain, like 

Why would I want to use a custom domain for my partner portal? 

There are a number of reasons why a custom domain might be right for you, including:

  • Trust: When the partner portal uses a subdomain of your official main domain, partners know that it belongs to you and is not a spoof. 
  • Branding: Send partners to a web address that's consistent with your other online properties.
  • Usability: Subdomains are easier for partners to remember. 

How do I set up a custom domain?

In order to add a custom domain to your Channeltivity portal, the first step is to open a ticket with support. We will review your domain and provide setup instructions, which will include creating DNS entries for your domain to ensure traffic is routed to the correct place. 

Will I need to provide my own SSL certificate and keep renewing it?

Channeltivity will generate your SSL certificate and automatically keep renewing it while you're using our service. Once your custom domain is in place, there's no need for any ongoing maintenance on your part.

Can I use a reverse proxy to forward my custom domain to Channeltivity?

No, we no longer support reverse proxies. Reverse proxies make it more difficult to filter out malicious web traffic to your partner portal as the origin IP address is masked. They are also prone to causing errors if not configured properly, which is why we no longer support them.

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