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We are excited to have you on board, and we look forward to helping you reach your channel goals using your Channeltivity portal. We have compiled a list of support articles to help you set up your portal, launch it to your Partners, and manage its data. 

Implementation and Setup:

The implementation process allows you to configure the system to meet your program needs and determine the data flow between systems.  

Managing your Portal: 

Proper management of your portal is vital to its success. It's important that Admin Users understand how to use the features and functionalities that are available to them.

  • Admin User Welcome Kit - New Admins can use the items in this kit to learn how to manage and update your portal's content, data, and Users. 
  • Partner Recruitment & Onboarding - Learn how to recruit, profile, vet, and onboard new Partners.  
    • Partner Agreements Functionality- Allow your Partners to electronically sign legal documents, such as partnership agreements, NDAs etc. right within Channeltivity. 
  • Deal Registration Overview- Learn how the Deal Registration process works in Channeltivity between the Partner and Vendor. 
  • Lead Distribution Overview - Distribute Leads to Partners and track their progress. 
  • Training & Certification Overview (add-on module)- Learn how to train and certify Users by creating Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, and Certifications. 
  • MDF Overview  (add-on module) - Manage MDF or Co-op funds in Channeltivity. 
  • Business Planning Overview (add-on module) -  Build and review detailed business plans with your Partners. 
  • Co-Branded Collateral Overview - Add content to your portal for Partners to cobrand with their logo and contact information. 
  • Referral Module (add-on module) - Capture Referrals, provide real-time updates to Partners, and track commissions. 
  • Incentives Integration - Our integration with Incentive Solutions allows your Partners to earn points for completing portal specific tasks such as registering/updating Deals, completing Training items, submitting MDF Requests, and more. Partners can then redeem those points for merchandise in an online catalog. 

Launching your Portal:


Once you've set up and configured your portal, it's time to launch it to your Partners.