The Referral Statuses allow you to accept/reject Referrals and track commission statuses.  To configure the Referral Statuses, go to Settings > Referrals > Referral Statuses. 

Channeltivity starts you out with a set of standard workflow steps, but you can add new steps, edit and delete existing steps. 

Referral Status Workflow 

New Workflow Step:

  1. Go to Settings > Referrals > Referral Statuses 
  2. Select the "New" button 
  3. Name the step and select the type. 
  4. Choose whether you want to make the step the default status for the following:
    • New referrals submitted by Partners
    • Referrals that are sent to Partners as Leads
  5. Specify whether or not the Partner can edit the Referral during this status

New Referral Status Window

Edit or Delete an Existing Workflow Step:

Click the Actions or Edit buttons next to the workflow steps that you want to delete or edit. 

Referral Status - Actions Menu