This section enables the configuration of your Portal Email settings. 

  1. Go to Settings > Email > Email Settings
  2. Add an email address for the "Portal Support Email." This email address will be the sending address for all emails sent from your portal. 
  3. In the Email Sending Settings section, you can choose to "send mail through Channeltivity (recommended)" or "use your own SMTP server to send emails from Channeltivity."
  4. In the Email Sender and Reply-To Details section, you can change the "Sender Name" of all of the emails sent from your portal and the "Reply-To Address." 
  5. The Digest Email functionality reduces the number of emails sent by the Deal Registration, Lead Distribution, and MDF Modules by consolidating one or more notifications into a single email message. The system holds all of the notifications for one hour and sends them in one email instead of sending individuals notifications as they happen. Learn more about this topic here
  6. When you are finished configuring your Email Settings, click Save.

Email Settings Screen