The Marketing Development Funds Module simplifies the management of your entire MDF process, from the allocation of funds to tracking their use by your partners. Learn how the MDF module works in Channelvity here: What is the MDF module, and how does it work? 

You can configure the MDF module to fit your program needs by going to Settings > MDF > MDF Module Settings. 

You can then enable the below optional features:

  • Partner Balances & Fund Expiration - With the Balances feature enabled, you can issue funds to individual Partner Accounts and set expiration dates on the funds. 
  • Allocation Expiration - After an MDF Request is allocated, require that the Partner submits receipts within a certain period or the MDF Request is marked as expired. 
  • ROI Statistics & Integration with Deal Registration - When registering a Deal, Partners can indicate that the Deal originated from an MDF-funded activity and select the corresponding MDF Request. This allows you to show the ROI of your MDF program. 

 MDF Module Settings 

Scroll down the page to set the field visibility requirements for the standard fields in the MDF module. 

MDF Request and Transaction Field Settings


Continue down the screen to add page descriptions to the MDF pages to help Partners navigate through the MDF process.

MDF Page Descriptions 

Customize the name of the MDF module by changing the terms used to describe MDF Requests. 

      MDF Labels