The Co-Branded Collateral module gives you the ability to upload and designate content in your portal as co-brandable by your Partners.  The tool enables you to set Content Areas within a content piece for co-branding. You can add areas for Partners to upload their logos, add their contact information, and text about their company. 

(New Asset with Content Areas defined)

Once you've defined your Content Areas, you can publish the Asset making it visible to Partners. 

 (Asset Publish Status)

(Published Assets - Partner View)

Partners can then co-brand the Asset by updating the Content Areas with their logo and contact information. 

(Logo Content Area - Partner View)

When they finish updating the Content Areas, the system generates a downloadable co-branded Asset for the Partner that is stored in the "Generated Collateral" section of the module.

(Download Generated Collateral Screen)

(Generated Collateral-Partner View)


Can Partners see Assets that other Partners have cobranded with their logo and contact information?

No. Partner Users can only see collateral generated by the Users at their Organization. 

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