Congratulations on becoming a User in Channeltivity! We have provided you with this Admin User Welcome Kit to set you up for success using the portal. This kit includes support documentation highlighting the basics, such as managing Group permissions, Users, Organizations, Library, and home page content.  

The Basics: 

Useful Features and Functionalities: 

  • User Impersonation - Learn how to access and operate Channeltivity as if you were logged in as another User to test permissions and content. 
  • Reset a User's Password - Reset passwords for Users who have forgotten their passwords or allowed their passwords to expire. 
  • Email Digest Feature - Bundle portal activity email notifications into a single email. 
  • Email Log - Search, preview, and resend failed emails that were sent from your portal. 

Knowledge Base:

To learn more about using Channeltivity, check out our Knowledge Base categories listed below.

  • Channeltivity Welcome Kit - Includes tools and resources to help you set up, configure, manage, and launch your portal. 
  • How to User Guide - Includes documentation on how to use the system and perform specific tasks.  
  • Implementation Guide - Provides step-by-step instructions to customize and configure your portal to meet your partner program needs. 
  • FAQs and Best Practices - Discover best practices to help you reach your channel goals using your Channeltivity portal and get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 
  • API & Integrations-  Learn how to configure the Salesforce Integration, access our Data API, enable Single Sign-On (SSO), and more.