Yes, we have a Data API, accessible via REST (JSON and XML) and SOAP.  

  • The Data API implements many core data entities, including Users, Organizations, Deal Registrations, Leads, MDF Requests, MDF Transactions, and more. 
  • The API is fully documented and includes many code snippets, working .NET and PHP examples, and our API workbench that allows you to query our API without any coding. You can access API documentation in your partner portal by going to Settings > API & Integrations > Data API. 
  • Make sure to check out our Postman collection to get started quickly.
  • We are constantly adding functionality.
  • Please submit a support ticket if you'd like to know more about our Data API.


How do I grant Users access to the API ? 

System Admins can grant other System Admin access to the API by going to Settings > API & Integrations > Data API > Grant API Access. 

Can Partners/Distributors use the API? 

We don't currently have an API that's available to Partners/Distributors.