MDF Transactions are exchanges or interactions that you make with a Partner that affect their Account Balance. Enabling the Balances and/or Fund Expiration features allow you to track and manage the following Transaction types: 

  • Credit Transaction - Issue funds to a Partner's Account for MDF activities
  • Debit Transaction - Withdraw or remove funds from a Partner's Account. 
  • Reimbursement - Reimburse a Partner for completed activities 

View and manage MDF Transactions by going to MDF > Transactions. To enter a New Credit or Debit Transaction, click the "New" button:

(MDF Transactions Lister View)

Credit Transaction:

With the Balances feature enabled, you can issue funds to a Partner's Account by making a Credit Transaction.  If a Partner does not use the funds in their Account by a specific date, then the funds will expire and go away. The Transaction type will then go from Credit to Expiration. 

(New Credit Transaction)

Debit Transaction:

With the Balances feature enabled, you can remove or withdraw funds from a Partner's Account by making a Debit Transaction. 

(New Debit Transaction)



Once a Partner has completed an MDF activity, you can reimburse funds by updating the status of the Request to the "Reimbursed" step in your workflow. (Funds are debited automatically when you set an MDF Request to Reimbursed.)

(Change MDF Request Status & Assignment Window - Reimbursement Issued)

Delete a Transaction: 

You can delete a Transaction by checking the box next to the Transaction that you want to delete and clicking the Delete button at the top. 

(MDF Transactions Lister View)


Can I bulk-upload MDF funds? 

Yes. Channeltivity allows you to import MDF Funds in CSV format. Learn more about this topic here: How Do I Import MDF Funds?