The Distributor module gives Partners the ability to choose a Distributor when registering Deals, and it gives Distributors the ability to track the progress of those Deals. If you choose, Distributors can also register Deals on behalf of Partners and edit them. To configure the Distributor module's settings, go to Settings > Distributors > Distributor Module Settings. 

Distributor Labels:

This section allows you to customize the taxonomy of the Distributors module by changing what terms are used to describe Distributors (e.g., "Master Agents") in your portal. If you decide to change the singular and plural labels for the Distributor module, make sure you also update the name of the Distributor Management tab in the left navigation menu by going to Settings > Portal Customization > Menu & Page Manager. 

Distributor Module Settings - Labels 

Deal Registration: 

Click the "Enable Distributor functionality in the Deal Registration module" checkbox to begin configuring the Distributor functionality. 

You'll then configure the below Distributor settings:

The "Deals owned by Partners" settings control the options available when a Partner registers a Deal:

  • Partners must select a Distributor when creating a Deal -  If you leave this unchecked, Partners can register Deals without specifying a Distributor.
  • Allow Partners to hide Deals from Distributors - When enabled, a "Do not share this Deal with selected Distributor" checkbox appears on the Deal Registration form. This prevents the selected Distributor from viewing the Deal or receiving notifications about it.

The "Deals owned by Distributors" settings control the options available when a Distributor registers a Deal: 

  • Distributors can register Deals for existing Partners - Distributors with "Register & View All Deals" Group permissions can create Deals and select a Partner for the Deal. This setting is checked by default and cannot be unchecked. 
  • Distributors can register Deals for themselves (Direct Deals) - Distributors that work directly with end users can register their own Deals without a Partner when this setting is enabled.
  • Distributors can register Deals without specifying a Partner - This allows Distributors to register Deals without selecting a Partner at the moment of registration. This is useful for example, when Distributors want to register a Deal quickly but haven't determined which Partner they want to work with yet. 
  • Allow Distributors to create Partners that don't exist when registering Deals - When enabled, Distributors will see a "Create New Partner" button on the Deal Registration form. If you have Distributors that work with resellers that are not (yet) part of your channel program, this setting will allow Distributors to create Inactive Partners in your portal. These Partners will not be notified or able to log into Channeltivity until you activate them. 

The "Partner and Distributor Assignments" settings allow you to restrict which Distributor can be selected when a Partner registers a Deal and vice versa. 

  • Partners can select any Distributor when registering a Deal and vice versa. 
  • Partners can only select from assigned Distributors when registering a Deal and vice versa.   

Learn more Distributor Assignment functionality in this article: How Does the Distributor Assignment Feature Work?

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