The Distributor module gives Partners the ability to choose a Distributor when registering Deals, and it gives Distributors the ability to track the progress of those Deals. If you choose, Distributors can also register Deals on behalf of Partners and edit them. To configure the Distributor module's settings, go to Settings > Distributors > Distributor Module Settings. 

Customize Distributor Labels:

This section allows you to customize the taxonomy of the Distributors module by changing what terms are used to describe Distributors (e.g., "Master Agents") in your portal. If you decide to change the singular and plural labels for the Distributor module, make sure you also update the name of the Distributor Management tab in the left navigation menu by going to Settings > Portal Customization > Menu & Page Manager. 

Distributor Module Settings - Labels 

Configure Distributor Deal Registration Settings: 

With the Distributor module enabled, Partners can choose from a list of Distributors when registering Deals. 

Deal Registration Form - Partner View

To configure the Deal Registration Distributor Settings, go to Settings > Distributors > Distributor Module Settings and click the "Enable Distributor functionality in the Deal Registration module" checkbox. 

You'll then configure the below Deal Registration settings:

  • Make Distributor field required for Deal Registration - Partners will be required to select a Distributor when registering a Deal.
  • Allow Partners to hide Deals from Distributors - If enabled, a "Do not share this Deal with selected Distributor" checkbox appears on the Deal Registration Form.  

You can also control the list of Distributors that appear in the picklist for each Partner by configuring the Distributor Assignment feature: 

  • Allow Partners to select any Distributor when registering a Deal. Partners will see a list of all the Distributors. 
  • Only allow Partners to see and choose the Distributors that are assigned to their Partner Organization when registering a Deal. If you choose this option, Partners without assigned Distributors will not see the Distributor picklist when submitting Deals. 

Distributor Module Settings - Deal Registration 

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