Partner Users:

Which Deals a Partner User can see varies on their level of access:

  • The standard Register Deals access allows Partner Users only to view Deals that are assigned to them individually. Partner Users can also re-assign their Deals to any other Users within the same Partner Organization, but they can't view the Deals of the other Users at their Organization. 
  • Partner Users with Register & View All Deals permissions can view the Deals registered by other Users at their Organization.  

Internal Users:

The Internal User level of access to the Deal Registration module affects which Deals they can see. Please note that permissions are cumulative and combine access.

  • Deal Registration Administration and Deal Registration Management access lets the User see all Deals registered by all Partners. 
  • Users with Deal Registration Partner Manager permission can view:
    • Deals registered by Partners that they're assigned to as a Partner Manager 
    • Deals assigned to them directly (Internal Assignee)
  • The Deal Registration Partner Region Manager access lets Users see all Deals registered by Partners located in the Regions they are assigned to as Manager. 
  • The Deal Registration Account Region Manager access lets Users see all Deals whose End User Accounts are located in the Regions they are assigned to as Manager. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Partners see each others Deals?

A: No, it is not possible for Partners to see each other Deals.