One of the core tenets of the EU GDPR, is that in most cases you'll need a person's explicit consent in order to email market to them (read more). The way you can track your User's opt-ins in Channeltivity is by creating custom fields on the User record. This field is then displayed everywhere a User can enter their info, including the User's profile, the Request Account form and the Become a Partner form. 

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Logged into Channeltivity as an Administrator, go to Settings > User & Organization Fields > User Custom Fields.
  2. Create a new picklist (!!! see explanation below) field and call it "I want to receive email communications" or similar. 
  3. Set two picklist values for "Yes" and "No". 
  4. Make the field required. 
  5. Make sure the field is set to be visible in all areas (the User's profile, as well as the Become a Partner and Request Account forms).
  6. Save
  7. You'll be able to report on the User's opt-in status by running a User report and loading the print view or exporting to Excel.

It's important to make the field a picklist rather than a checkbox. A required checkbox field forces them to opt-in by default and this is not allowed. 

A picklist field allows them the ability to choose whether or not they want to opt-in. 

That's it! Please make sure to also check out the following article, which provides a starting point for GDPR compliance using Channeltivity: How can Channeltivity help me comply with GDPR?