Channeltivity gives you the ability to specify on a country-by-country basis whether the State/Province field is required on input forms.

It also allows you to add countries to the "Frequently Used" list to have them appear at the top of the country picklist. 

To configure the State/Province Requirement Settings, go to Settings > Portal Configuration > State/Province Requirement Settings by Country. Select one or more countries and use the "Actions" button to do the following: 

  • Hide State/Province field 
  • Show State/Province and Make Optional 
  • Show State/Province and Make Required - This option requires you to specify the areas in the portal where the State/Province field should be required on input forms by going to Settings > User & Organization Fields > User Field Requirement & Visibility and/or Organization Field Requirement and Visibility
  • Add to Frequently Used
  • Remove From Frequently Used