Channeltivity is designed to make changing your domain seamless. Any visitors accessing your old URL will automatically get redirected to the new one. And this includes the actual page that is requested, so if, for example, someone clicks on an account activation email link pointing to the old domain, they will automatically be redirected to the corresponding activation URL on the new domain, and will be able to activate their account. If you've been using Channeltivity for a while, you probably have several links pointing to your old domain, so the redirects avoid any disruption in user flow.

The only external links you may need to update to the new domain are any forms or applications that post to Channeltivity, including:

  1. Web-to-Lead form
  2. External login form
  3. Data APIs
  4. SAML URLs and metadata used for Single Sign-On

If you're switching from HTTP to HTTPS and are using any external JavaScript references or iframed content using HTTP, you'll need to update those to HTTPS as well.

Note: If requested, we can turn off the redirect so you can have multiple domains pointing to your Channeltivity portal at once.