The Email Log is a log of all the emails sent from your Channeltivity portal. You can use this log to track, search, preview and resend failed emails. It provides Administrators the ability to monitor messages sent from the portal, including User Requests, Deal statuses, Library updates and more. 

How do I access the Email Log?

To access the Email Log, click the gear icon in the top right corner of your portal and select Email Log. 

How do I preview an email?

From the Email Log page, click the caret (next to the subject line of the email) and then click View Details to be taken to the Email Details view. 

What happens when an email delivery fails?

If a message is undeliverable due to an invalid email address, we suppress all further emails to that recipient and put them on the "bounce list." This allows us to limit our bounces and keep our email reputation score high, which improves deliverability. You can learn more about this topic here

If you would like to remove a recipient from the bounce list, you can do this from the Email Details view by clicking the Unblock Recipient button at the top. 

How do I resend emails that failed to get delivered?

If you would like to resend an email to a recipient's email account that is on the bounce list, you will first need to remove the recipient from the bounce list. You can do this from the Email Details view by clicking the Unblock Recipient button. A message will then appear asking if you would like to resend the email. Click the Resend Email button to resend the email.