If you have a partner program, your corporate website should have a page dedicated to Partners.This page should be designed to direct existing partners and prospective partners down different paths. Existing partners should be provided a link to your partner portal login page and prospects should be provided with the details of your program that will help them determine if they are a fit. 


Design and Content Tips:


Clear and concise navigation 

  • Include "Partners" in your top navigation  
  • Keep the page simple with straight forward calls-to-action (CTAs) 
  • Provide an overview of your partner program 
  • Explain your program's benefits and requirements

Make it obvious

  • Make the partners page actionable
  • Create a clear path for existing partners with one-click access to log in to your portal
  • Provide prospects with one-click access to your Become a Partner form.
  • Highlight your program benefits and requirements 
  • Include contact information

Providing a clear and concise partners page on your website will ensure partners and prospects have a good experience whether they are logging in for the first time or registering for your program.