The Training and Certification Module allows you to create and deliver media-rich training to your Partners (and members of your Internal Organization). Trainees complete required Courses to acquire Certifications. All Certification data such as completions and expiration details are visible and reported in the Partner's profile. 


All training content resides in your Courses. Each Course contains any number of Lessons, Learning Modules (add-on), and Quizzes that must be completed to in turn complete the Course. Users completing the required Courses automatically earn Certifications. 

Lessons can include text, videos, images, files, and links. 

The Learning Module feature allows you to upload and administer online learning content in SCORM format. Contact us to learn more about this feature and pricing details

Quizzes are made up of multiple-choice questions that Users need to answer correctly to pass a Course. You can also specify the score Users need to pass a Course. 

Course Completions 

When a User completes a Course, this is recorded as a Course Completion. You can view these Completions on the Course Completions page, where you can track individual Users' progress,  manually add a Course Completion for a User, or void existing Completions that were created in error. 


Certifications allow you to track the achievement and status of both Users and Partners within your training program. For User Certifications, you specify the Courses that need to be completed to achieve a Certification. Once a User completes and passes all the required Courses for a Certification, they automatically receive their Certification. 

There are two types of Certifications:

  • User Certifications: Are assigned to Users and indicate their level of achievement in completing the training content. User Certifications are awarded automatically and manually. 
  • Organization Certifications: These Certifications are awarded on an Organization level and indicate a company-level status or achievement. Organization Certifications can only be awarded manually.

Certification Completions 

When a User completes the required Courses for a Certification, this is recorded as a Certification Completion. The Certification Completions page shows all Completions and their status for both Users or Organizations. On this page, you can search for Certification Completions, manually add a Certification Completion, or void existing ones that were created in error.

If using the Partner Sync Integration, you can push User and Organization Completions into Salesforce. 

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