The Integration Log gives you a view behind the scenes of your integrations and allows you to see both scheduled and triggered integration tasks and their results. The Integration Log is useful in troubleshooting integration issues. This article provides a walkthrough on how to use the Integration Log and proposes resolutions to several common error messages.

Using the Integration Log

You can find the Integration Log by going to Settings > Integration Log, but in most cases you'll see an alert either in the System Messages Widget or on the Messages area of the main navigation, like this:

Clicking on any of the links will bring you to a list of all the integration tasks with uncleared errors. We're going to look at those errors shortly, but first an overview of how the Integration Log works:

  • Whenever Channeltivity performs an integration task like syncing a record with Salesforce, for example, it is logged along with the results and visible in the Integration Log.
  • Each task in the log consists of one or more log entries.
  • Log entries can be errors or informational (debug) only.
  • Whenever an error is logged, an alert will automatically appear in the System Messages Widget and in the messages area of the main Admin dashboard. 
  • You can make these alert messages disappear by clearing the errors it in the log, which will mark them as acknowledged.
So, let's go about investigating these errors that occurred. First, click on the number in the "Errors" column of the first task (highlighted).

This will bring you to a list of all errors logged for a particular integration task. Three of the columns are particularly relevant to troubleshooting:

  • Entity - indicates which record in Channeltivity is associated with the error
  • Message - this is a standardized message that explains why the error occurred and in some cases provides a link to the remote record that caused it
  • Details - sometimes provides additional details and/or error messages

Common Integration Log errors and their resolution

The following is a list of common Integration Log errors along with explanations and steps to take to resolve them. For errors related to Salesforce integrations, use the Sync Manager (Admin > Settings > Salesforce Integration > Sync Manager) or click the "Sync Now" button on the record details page to retry the sync once an error has been resolved. Once you're done you can clear all the errors.

Remote entity not updated

Appears in:

  • Salesforce Lead Distribution
  • Salesforce Deal Registration
  • Salesforce Partner Sync

This error occurs when Channeltivity attempts and fails to update or create a record in Salesforce, in most cases due to a validation or data issue in Salesforce. Here are a few example messages and their resolution:

  • FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: A custom validation control in Salesforce is preventing Channeltivity from saving the record. The details message is provided directly by Salesforce. In many cases, editing and saving the record in Salesforce directly will allow you to resolve the error.

Local entity not created from remote entity

Appears in:

  • Salesforce Lead Distribution
  • Salesforce Partner Sync

This error occurs when Channeltivity attempts and fails to import a record from Salesforce, in most cases due to a data issue in Salesforce. Here are a few example messages:

  • Duplicate entity: The record can't be imported because an entity with an identical email address (for Contacts) or Organization name already exists in Channeltivity.
  • Country: Invalid field value: The country field in Salesforce is set to something that's not recognized by Channeltivity. You'll need to edit the Account in Salesforce and make sure the country field matches one of the countries defined in Channeltivity.
  • [XYZ]: Invalid field value: means that the value of the [XYZ] picklist field Salesforce isn't defined in in the picklist in Channeltivity. You'll need to either add the new value in Channeltivity or update the Salesforce record to use a value that's defined.
  • StateProvince: Field not allowed. Dependent field(s) "Country" must have valid value(s): The record in Salesforce has data in the "State/Province" field but doesn't have valid country data. There are a number of variations of this error.

Remote entity no longer matches sync criteria and has been disconnected

Appears in:

  • Salesforce Partner Sync
This error occurs when Channeltivity attempts to sync a Contact or Partner record with Salesforce, but the linked record no longer qualifies for syncing. This can be caused by:
  • The Partner Account in Salesforce has an Account Type that's different from the three for Active, Prospective and Inactive Partner defined in your Partner Sync settings.
  • The Partner Account in Salesforce does not have the "Sync with Channeltivity" checkbox set to true. 
  • The Partner User or Contact in Channeltivity is part of a Partner Organization that's not being synced for the same reason.
  • The linked record in Salesforce is deleted/merged. You can resolve this issue by linking the record to the appropriate record in Salesforce using the "Relinking" functionality. Learn more about this topic here: How To Change the Linked Salesforce Record of a Partner or User/Contact in Channeltivity