This article provides an overview of Channeltivity's Deal Registration integration with HubSpot. For setup instructions, check out:  HubSpot Integration: Deal Registration - Setup Walkthrough.

Channeltivity’s Deal Registration integration with HubSpot makes it easy to get your Partners’ registered Deals from Channeltivity into your HubSpot CRM. The integration can be explained in two steps:

  1. Once a Partner submits a new Deal Registration, Channeltivity creates a copy of the registered Deal in HubSpot. This can be configured to happen automatically or on a manual basis. 
    • Automatic- Every new Deal created in Channeltivity is automatically pushed into HubSpot. 

    • Manual – Internal Users initiate the sync of a Deal Registration by clicking the HubSpot button on the Deal > Sync Now.

  2. By default, the integration sets the Deal's Company and Contact based on the email address of the Account's Contact in Channeltivity. If a Contact's email address does not exist in HubSpot, Channeltivity will create a new Contact in HubSpot with the Contact's information from Channeltivity. If the Contact doesn't have an email address or if the Contact's email domain is not already associated with a Company in HubSpot, a new Company will be created with the Account information from Channeltivity. Your Account and Contact field mappings will determine the data that is pushed to HubSpot to create the new Company and Contact.

    Once the Company and Contact are created in HubSpot, any changes made in Channeltivity to the Account and Contact are not reflected on the linked Company and Contact records in HubSpot.

Deal Details Page - HubSpot Menu 


Is the integration bi-directional? 

Yes. The Deal Registration integration field mappings allow you to determine the data flow between Channeltivity and HubSpot. 

Does the integration support Record Association Cards in HubSpot?

Yes, all HubSpot records that are linked to a record in Channeltivity display an Association Card in the right panel within HubSpot:

Can I import HubSpot Deals into Channeltivity as Deals?

No, but you can use the Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot to import HubSpot Deals into Channeltivity as Leads. Partners can then convert those Leads to Deals in Channeltivity.  

How do I link a Deal in Channeltivity to an existing Deal in HubSpot?

Learn more about this topic here

How do I assign HubSpot Deals created by Channeltivity to a pipeline in HubSpot?  

By design, Deals created in HubSpot through the integration are not assigned to a Pipeline.  You can automate the assignment by creating an automation workflow in HubSpot that associates Deals created by Channeltivity to a specific pipeline using the below Channeltivity System fields in your workflow:

    o    Channeltivity URL

    o    Channeltivity Status

Sample Workflow: If the Channeltivity URL is known and the Pipeline is unknown, set the Deal property pipeline and stage to ________ pipeline.