Channeltivity is a multi-language PRM that can translate page content automatically into the User's preferred language. 

As an Admin, you can view a list of your portal's supported Languages by going to Settings > Localization > Languages and Automatic Translation.  The list will include the Languages included in your subscription, along with the following details for each Language: 

  • Publish Status - Indicates whether or not the Language is available to non-Admin Users for automatic translation. You will need to publish a Language to make it available to Users. 
  • Users - How many Users have selected the Language.
  • Human Translated - Includes the percentage of human-translated content for each Language. 


Publishing and Unpublishing Languages

As an Admin, you have the ability to mark Languages as "Published," which makes them available to non-Admin Users in the Language Picker menu and allows them to translate page content into those Languages. Using the Published status allows you to view a Language's translations and verify their accuracy before making it available to all Users.

You can use the buttons next to each Language to Publish or Unpublish Languages:

Once a Language is Published, it becomes available to Users for automatic translation. Users can access and change their Language by clicking the globe icon in the utility nav in the top right corner of the portal. \

Once the Language is selected, any translated content is downloaded and applied. If the Language was recently published or you're visiting a page for the first time, some or all of the content might not be translated yet. Just wait a few seconds and refresh the page to apply any new translations. 


How are Languages added and removed from the portal? 

You can contact to add/remove Languages. 

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