What is the Email Digest feature?

The Email Digest feature bundles activity notifications of Deals, Leads and MDFs into a single email. 

How often are digest emails sent?

Digest emails are sent approximately one hour after the first notification event, so Users will receive no more than one digest email per hour. 

Is this feature available to all Users?

Yes, the email digest functionality is available to all Users; however, only notifications sent to email addresses associated with actual Users get consolidated into the digest format. Emails sent to distribution lists or recipients that are not associated with actual Users such as "partners@yourdomain.com" or "channelmarketing@yourcompanyname.com" can't be consolidated to the digest format. 

How do you enable and disable the feature? 

Admins can enable the feature and set the default for the portal by going to Settings > Email > Email Settings, then find the Digest Email Settings section. Select the Digest option to by default, send digest emails not more than once an hour. 

Users can enable and disable Digest Email Notifications in their individual profile settings by clicking on their profile icon in the top right corner of the page and selecting  “Email Settings."  From your Email Settings page, click the Actions button > Update Email Notification Settings. You can keep the default option that your portal has already in place, or you can choose Digest or Immediate sending of notifications. Choosing the Digest option will allow notifications to be bundled into a single email that is sent no more than once an hour. Choosing the Immediate option will send individual email notifications for events as they happen. 

Is the Email Digest customizable? 

Admins can edit the subject line and include an additional digest email message by going to Settings > Email > Email Settings. Then scroll down to the Digest Email Settings section to make your edits.