Business planning with Partners is one of the most effective ways to drive revenue and create joint accountability. You and your Partners can track progress toward your goals, quickly identify successes, and decide when a different direction is needed. Below is how the Business Planning module works in Channeltivity.

Business Plan Template: 

The Business Planning module is flexible and configurable. It gives you the ability to create a Business Plan Templatthat aligns with your unique program needs. 

Once the template is created, both you and your Partners can enter Business Plans into the portal. 

(Partners must have access to the Business Plans module in their Group Permissions to view and edit plans.)

Business Plan Management: 

After a Plan is entered, it can be reviewed and updated to reflect changes or progress. 

Notes and files can also be added using the History section. 

Active & Inactive Business Plans: 

A Partner can have one Business Plan for each year. Once you and a Partner finalize the details of a Business Plan and get started with implementation, you can mark the Plan as "Active". 

Each Partner can only have one Plan that is Active. 

There can be multiple Business Plans added for a Partner, but only one of the Plans can be flagged as Active. All other Plans will be "Inactive." 

Partner Approval Workflow (optional):

If you would like to implement a Partner approval process to have Partners approve Business Plans, you can do so by going to  Settings > Business Plans > Business Plan Module Settings. 


Below are the steps in the partner approval process for Business Planning: 

  • Editing - Plan can be reviewed and updated by Internal and Partner Users 
  • Pending Partner Approval - Plan is awaiting the approval of the Partner. Plans in this step have been locked by an Internal User. During this time, no further edits can be made to the plan. Only Internal Users can lock Business Plans. 

The Partner will receive a notification in their System Messages that a Plan is awaiting their approval.

  • Partner Approved-  Plan has been approved by the Partner. Approved Plans can't be edited. Only Partner Users can approve Business Plans.