Channeltivity allows you to bulk-upload MDF Funds in CSV format. This article explains how.

Step 1: Open the MDF Transactions Import Dialog

In the left navigation menu, go to MDF > Transactions.

Click  the "New" button and select the "Import MDF Transactions from CSV" link:

Step 2: Download the MDF Transactions Import Template

Click the "Get template" link to download the CSV template.

Step 3: Open the Template in Excel

Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel. You will see a list of your Active Partners along with empty columns for the MDF data you will import.

*Users of Microsoft Excel for Mac may see some random characters in field A1 like these below. These characters can be taken out or left in; they will not affect the import.

Step 4: Populate Your Data 

Enter your data into the template:
  • Do not rename or reorder the columns.

  • Do not add additional columns or remove columns. 

  • The Expiration Date column is optional. 
  • The PartnerType and Region columns are informational and should be left as is. 
  • Delete any rows you don't want to import.
  • Every row will be processed independently, which means you can create multiple rows for each Partner to upload more than one transaction.

Step 5: Format Your Data

Excel's default Date format is not compatible with the upload, and you'll need to change it to YYYY-MM-DD in order to proceed. This step explains how.

*Users of Microsoft Excel for Mac should wait until all of your dates have been entered and do these steps last due to a bug in Excel that will not recognize a custom format when you reopen the file. Because of this, anytime you reopen the file you will need to update the format of the dates.

Select the date columns (hold the Ctrl key to select multiple columns at once), then right-click and select "Format Cells..."

In the Format Cells window, select the "Custom" category and then manually enter "yyyy-mm-dd" into the "Type" field. 

Hit the OK button, and the dates will be formatted correctly. 

Make sure to use "Save As..." and select "CSV (Comma delimited)" as some versions of Excel will change the formatting if you just save the file directly.

Step 6: Upload Your Data

Once you've saved your changes to the CSV file, upload it through the dialog:

If all your data imported correctly, the following notification will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your window: