July 2018 Product Roadmap Update

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our quarterly product roadmap update, where we discuss major upcoming features in Channeltivity.

Channeltivity’s roadmap is primarily driven by our customers and a big factor in making us the number one platform for running a successful channel program. Thank you for your continued input!

We’re very close to launching the Co-Branded Collateral module that was originally scheduled for Q2. The new module will allow partners to generate customized co-branded marketing materials with their logo, contact info and more.

For the remainder of Q3, we’re refreshing the user interface to create more space for content, increase clarity and provide more options for creating compelling layouts.

In Q4, we’re launching improvements to our custom pages to give more flexibility to the types of layouts you can create. We’ll also be adding a number of new Widgets.

We will update this post as features get released, and give more details on how to start using new functionality in your organization. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.

Here is what to expect over the next six months:


  • Co-Branded Collateral module. This new module allows partners to easily generate and download customized PDF collateral. Admins upload PDF templates and define areas that can be customized by the partner. When the partner generates the PDF, predefined assets like the partner’s logo and address automatically flow into the document and can be tweaked to generate the final PDF. Give your partners self-service access to co-branded marketing without having to lift a finger. COMPLETED (info)
  • UI Refresh. We’re reworking the main navigation and header to optimize usable space across different devices, removing redundancies and generally creating a clearer, more compelling design.
  • Hero Widget. Easily create banners with buttons on your custom pages for a visual and engaging experience.


  • Custom Page improvements. Custom pages will receive additional layout options to give greater flexibility and allow customers to create an engaging partner experience.
  • Icons Widget. Guide your partners to the most important areas of your portal with this new Widget type.
  • Video Widget. Upload and embed video directly on your home page.

Make sure to check the Q4 Product Roadmap announcement for an up-to-date status of upcoming features.

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