Slow load times - RESOLVED

Starting two days ago (June 6, 2017), we noticed slow page load times in Channeltivity. Upon investigating, we found that one of our application processes was using up lots of CPU time. We recycled the process and fixed the issue, although only temporarily. 

It happened again twice yesterday (June 7) and then again today (June 8). 

We've configured automatic recycling while we are investigating the issue. Further updates will be posted below.

Update June 9, 9:08 am EDT: The CPU issue has not reoccurred after implementing the configuration changes. We'll continue working on identifying and resolving the root cause and will post updates over the next few days.

Update June 12, 11:09 am EDT: We've not been able to reproduce the high CPU issue in our development environment. CPU usage has been stable and minimal for the last few days and corresponds with the resolution of a Microsoft Azure issue that occurred around the same time ( We're going to mark this issue as resolved as it's most likely related.