Microsoft Azure Service Interruption - RESOLVED

Microsoft Azure experienced a service interruption affecting all Channeltivity customers. 

Saturday, October 31 at 7:19 AM EDT

Channeltivity is currently experiencing a database connectivity issue affecting all customers. We are working with Microsoft to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and will post further updates shortly.

Update 8:12 AM:

All customer portals are back online. There was a reported service interruption in Microsoft Azure Service Bus that is causing Channeltivity downtime. We are waiting for a full root cause analysis from Microsoft and will update this post as we hear more.

Update 11:38 AM:

All Clear from Microsoft. Here's their official response:

Azure experienced an outage earlier in the North Central US datacenter for Azure SQL Database (11:33 31 Oct 2015 UTC). We have identified and corrected the issue (13:05 31 Oct 2015 UTC) . All databases are back online.