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Different user types/access levels within a single partner organization

We came across the need to have different user types or access levels within a partner organization so that we could share some data with specific people within a partner org. For example, we share partner specific price cards with each organization. However, the partner doesn't want all of their sales reps to know the partner's 'buy price'. The partner will take the price card, apply their own mark ups and discount rules, then re-distribute to the team. We'd like a way to distribute materials to select users within an org so that they can choose how to distribute to the rest of their team. Some materials are okay for everyone at a partner org to see  (e.g. marketing materials), but there are some sensitive docs (e.g. price cards, contracts) which should only go to specific people within a partner org. 



Hi Kae,

Thanks for the feature request. At first glance, it doesn't seem like a feature we would implement, because it adds a whole other layer of permissions to the Resource Library and we're all about usability and keeping our solution straightforward. I would still, however, like to explore workaround options with you and hope that other members of the community can weigh in as well.

So it sounds like you have the following requirements:

  1. You only want select Users at each Partner to be able to view pricing and other sensitive information in the Library.
  2. You have multiple Partners, each with their own individual pricing.

The first point by itself is easily solvable (see "Creating role-based Library permissions" below), but since you have individual pricing for each reseller it wouldn't be very manageable. Your best alternative options would be:
  • Simplify your pricing to 3-10 tiers and use Group permissions for each tier (see "Creating role-based Library permissions" below). I know you also mentioned other sensitive docs like contracts, which wouldn't be addressed by this solution, but we could probably might slight tweaks to our Partner Agreements functionality to fix this.
  • Share pricing and contracts outside of Channeltivity. I realize this is neither scalable or efficient. 

Both of these workarounds are not ideal and I apologize. If we get many requests for this feature we will certainly reconsider, and figure out a clean and user-friendly solution way to make everyone happy. 

I'm happy to have a conversation with you to discuss if you'd like. Thank you again for your suggestion.


Creating role-based Library permissions 
Creating role-based permissions in the Library is easy. Simple create multiple Groups within Channeltivity and assign your Partner Users to different Groups based on their role within their Partner Organization. For example, if you currently have a "Reseller" Group, you could create an additional Group called "Reseller Pricing" with access to sensitive pricing information. Give that Reseller Pricing Group access only to the pricing-related data in the Library. Your Partner Users should all be a member of the Reseller Group, but those with the extra privileges should also get added to the Reseller Pricing Group in addition. 


Seems like an interesting request. 

Maybe altering the code to add "allow access only to key contacts" within an organization will be easier to implement. 

Hi Ido: Thanks for your comment. Yes, that would be a lot easier. 

Kae: Would this meet your needs?

Actually, yes - i think that'd work great! 

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